Las Vegas, Nevada - July 8th


The kids were soooo excited to come to Las Vegas, seriously you would have thought they were already at Disney Land.  Jimmy's Mom and Step Dad live in Summerlin which is a lovely area about 10 min from the strip.  The kids loved seeing all the lights and signs -- but were then were a little miffed after they saw the nice hotel that mom and dad got to stay in for the night while they stayed with Nana and Papa Gerry.

The next day we all went swimming and then hung around catching up and doing laundry :)  Then right when we were going to leave for Long Beach a huge thunderstorm rolled in-- Hail and All!  We decided to brave the elements anyway.  Well, as soon as we turned onto a main road one whole lane was flooded. Jimmy had his window down as we were carefully driving along and then a truck drove through the flooded water and what felt like a 5 gallon bucket splashed into the car all over Jimmy!

He didn't find it funny, but the kids and I started laughing and the Eliot followed up with.."that was awesome!"

The Original Plan...

Yey Vegas!  Although only for a night on the way there -- we are so blessed to have Nana and Papa Gerry (Jimmy's Mom and Step Dad) in our lives and for hosting us both on our way through to Long Beach and on our way back out.

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