Albuquerque, New Mexico - July 7th


We got into Albuequerque at 2:40am-- it was a very long drive-- 12 hours from Bastrop, TX to our hotel-- but Jimmy and I were determined to make it because the kids had been so good we didn't want to disappoint them and have a farther drive in the morning. Luckily we gained an hour because of the time change.

Petrified Forest

We left Albuequerque, NM at 9:30am and headed through the beautiful desert.  It was amazing-- i wanted to just get out of the car and take as many pictures as possible...but we had a destination to get to.  The Petrified Forest in Arizona- it was one of the most amazing places we have ever been too!  It travels across route 66 (which we have followed almost the entire trip)- and the hills, plateaus, mountains were gorgeous.  Not only did we get to stop and see the Petrified trees that are 200 million years old-- and are BEAUTIFUL-- but we were in the mountains , walking around, seeing petroglyphs, and lizards and old was amazing.

Our Original Plan...

After camping in Texas- we're off to Albuequerque, NM-  not too sure what we're checking out while we're there...suggestions please.

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  1. SANDY Peak Tramway
    Petrogloyph National Monument
    Rio Grande Botanic Garden
    Anderson Abruzzo Int. Balloon Museum
    National Hispanic Cultural Center
    Albuquerque Museum
    Nat. Museum of Nuclear Science & History
    NM Museum of Natural History
    Rio Grande Zoo
    Albuquerque Aquarium
    Indian Pueblo Cultural Center
    American INT. Rattlesnake Meusuem
    Explora Science Center & Childrens Museum
    Cliffs Amusement Park