Fredonia, New York - July 2nd

Our Fredonia Friends and Family

We arrived in Fredonia, NY around 2:45 -- and headed straight to Cory and Julie Bezek's home. They were prepping for an amazing get together for later in the evening so we grabbed their adorable little 4 year old and headed to the park.  At the park we met up with Skylar's best friend from when we lived here and caught up with her family, The Hellwigs, while all the kids played and the "big" girls exchanged instagram and phone numbers. 

After the park, we visited the Tarnowski Family.  The Tarnowski's became our 2nd home early on in my career at SUNY Fredonia.  I hired Katie as an RA on my staff at Disney Hall at SUNY Fredonia and as she was a local we got to know her parents Tom and Diane so well. We were thrilled to catch up with them and the kids had a great time feeding chickens, getting fresh eggs, catching slugs and playing with Riley. 

Later that night Julie and Cory (thank you thank you thank you) hosted an amazing party with many of my old friends and co-workers.  It was so moving to see everyone come out to visit with us.  Lots of laughs, smiles, trampolines, food, drinks, old stories and all the GROWN children.  Crazy how fast the time has gone by!  I'm so thankful for everyone who was there-- you where each a part of our lives while Jimmy and I were students and starting out as professionals and as a young family.   I only wish we had had more time to spend with everyone.  

We promise-- next time we visit it will be much sooner.

 The Hellwigs

Kid's taking their only break of the evening from the trampoline :)

The Tarnowski's

The plan...

Our first stop is in our old homestead-- Fredonia, NY.  We're so excited to stay with the Bezek's and to see all of our old friends :)  It'll be a quick trip, but it'll be nice to show the kids our old home and the SUNY Fredonia campus where we spent such a large part of our lives.

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