Indianapolis, Indiana - July 3rd

Defacing Peyton...

This had to have it's own spot-- there was a cut out of Peyton Manning (who we actually do love)--but Jimmy and the kids couldn't help show their Buffalo...ummm... PRIDE.  Notice the Buffalo Bills hat Jimmy added to Peyton and Eliot picking his nose -- you can only imagine what they would have done if it was Tom Brady ;)

The Children's Museum of Indianapolis

We left Fredonia by 6:30am -- drove by our old home -- swung by Tim Hortons-- and we were on the road.  We arrived at the Children's Museum around 1:30pm.  The kids had a blast seeing the Dinosaur exhibit, Hot Wheels and TRANSFORMERS!  

We then scoped out a local pizza place that Skylar was super skeptical of.  But, once she tried her lasagna she was singing a different tune and said "I feel bad for anyone who doesn't stop here".  So, we stuffed our faces and then headed to the hotel to chill out and do a little swimming.

The plan...

We're planning to leave Fredonia bright and early (hopefully by 6am) and are headed to Indy!  We will be visiting The Children's Museum of Indianapolis for the day and scoping out Lucas Oil Stadium if we get a chance.  Maybe it'll bring Steph's fantasy team (the Indianapolis Ponies) some much needed luck this season ;)

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